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About me

I have a full-featured studio located in the Canary Islands, Spain. We develop photography projects of the highest quality for advertising and portraits all over the world.

Knowledge of the world of fashion and experience as a fashion e-commerce photographer.

Mastery of CaptureOne, LR and Photoshop. I have and run my own team that can vary according to needs - model, stylist, makeup artist, highlighter, props, etc.

I am passionate about photography. I am trained to take photos both outdoors and in the studio, organize a shooting, and work with both products (clothes) and models.

Welcome to my space, a permanent showroom, where I show a piece of my press, fashion, social, congresses, social events, and artistic photos.

If you are preparing an event, do not hesitate and bet on immortalizing it with high quality photographs, and also at a really affordable price.

You will get a creative and genuine job, focused on emotions, spontaneity and naturalness.

I work with products from the professional line of Canon and Profoto.

 In my photography, there are always lines to a point to look at. And it is important that the environment and the person to be photographed integrate or complement each other without taking away the relevance of the central point. The almost always natural light, color and depth are the perfect balance for a natural photograph that will make you fall in love.

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Topics and works:

1. Product photography (with busts / models).
2. Photography of clothes for silhouettes.
3. Photography of fantasy colors for packaging and ERP.
4. Ecommerce photography.
5. Still life photography for advertising and social networks.

- File management: Product photo optimization for:
1. Digital versions (web and ERP).
2. File versions sent to clients.
3. File versions for packaging.
4. Versions for clients in high (optimal quality).
5. Management of internal files and backup copies.

- Retouching and post-production:
1. Perfect command of Paths in Photoshop.
2. Advanced color retouching in RGB and CMYK.
3. Mastery of prepress techniques and validation of ISO Coated certified color proofs.
4. Image editing in Photoshop and Capture one. Control tools like "clone", "patch", image overlay.
5. Advanced skin retouching and beauty.

Workflow and software:
1. Perfect camera capture control.
2. Perfect lighting control with Profoto flashes.
3. Workflow and capture with Capture One or Lightroom.
4. Perfect control and management with Adobe Photoshop.

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