Rafael Urquizar

When he finished his secondary studies, he began to design clothes for a family workshop.

In 1988 he moved to Paris where he studied design at the ESMOD INTERNATIONAL FASHION GROUP PARIS.

In this same year he presented a short collection at the AVANTGARDE German Fashion Show in Munich.

In 1991 he finished his design studies and did an internship in the GIANFRANCO FERRE design team, where he was mainly dedicated to accessories.

In 1992 upon his return he worked in the creation team of CORTEFIEL SA

In this same year, he made a collection for Spring-Summer 93 with his name and presented it at the  SALON PASARELA CIBELES in Madrid.

Also this year he participates in the NEW FASHION GENERATION DUSELDORFF parade.

In 1996, he held the Spring-Summer 96 collection show at the Miramar Palace in Malaga.

In 1999 he opened his atelier store on Calle San Juan 12 (Málaga). Three-storey store dedicated in the first to commercialize the ready-to-wear collection, in the second and third to bespoke haute couture and brides.

At present it sells party collections and accessories, such as headdresses and bags for multi-brand stores in Andalusia and for its own store. And in Malaga he does Haute Couture and Brides.

He presents his party and bridal collections on the CIBELES MADRID NOVIAS catwalk.

In 2013 he presented his 2014 collection at the SANTILLANA NOVIAS MADRID CATWALK AND at the MINI GUARNIERI FASHION SHOW.

In January 2014 he opens his new Boutique-Atelier.

In  February 2014 is part of the ASOCIACIÓN COSTURA ESPAÑA.  In May he presents his 2015 collection at the PASARELA COSTURA ESPAÑA at the Palacio de Cibeles in Madrid.

In September 2015 he was awarded the Golden Needle of the  CATWALK LARIOS FASHION WEEK.

Participated in the first edition of  Atelier Couture  on May 20, 2015 presenting his  collection 2016.