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Feboda 2017 catwalk. 

The Néstor Álamo Park hosted last Saturday, August 5, the 18th edition of the “Moda Calada Fashion Show” with an unprecedented show. A total of eight creatives from different parts of the Canary Islands filled the event with magic, fantasy and color.

Minerva Alonso, Minister of Industry of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, stressed the need to revive the tradition of draft as one of the most traditional and relevant emblems of the culture of our islands. "From the Island Council of Gran Canaria we will continue to support the development of events that promote the maintenance of our traditions," he said.

Juan Díaz, mayor of the Villa de Ingenio, highlighted the role of the draft in the municipality and of the parade as a central point of reference in terms of the tradition of draft in Gran Canaria. “This event serves as a showcase to publicize the work carried out by the jigs of our municipality, involving various sectors in the fight for their permanence. This new edition has been loaded with changes: from the new denomination (Moda Calada Fashion Show), to a staging worthy of large international firms, through an unprecedented development of communication and social networks ”, he assured.

Candela Martín, president of the Association of Caladoras de la Villa de Ingenio, thanked the renewal of the image and the dissemination that this new edition has had. “The staging and the work that has been carried out in terms of communication has been quite a surprise; we are very happy with the turn the catwalk has taken, ”he commented.


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