Fatima Miñana at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2020


“Geometry of fear” is a women's collection for Autumn / Winter 2020 inspired by the use of space, shapes and materials in the sculptural movement with the same name that emerged in the United Kingdom in the 50s.

This movement is made up of young artists seeking to express feelings of anxiety, guilt and anguish caused by World War II. To do this, they create angular, toothed, pointed and rough-textured sculptures that often represent the human and animal figure, and their deformation.

These sculptures have inspired the angular and geometric cut of the garments in this collection. Each piece is creatively cut, using Moulage techniques and 3D patterning that deform the human body, creating new silhouettes. The materials used are wool, nylons, cottons and lace that, through fabric manipulation techniques, create the illusion of a rough texture. At the same time, the color palette of this collection aims to express these feelings of restlessness and anxiety, using neon colors in contrast to neutral or muted colors.

The objective of this collection is to design unique pieces for a woman who values the quality and design of her clothing. In this collection you can find functional garments with a relaxed silhouette in contrast to looks that break the rules and, due to their structure, bring fashion and sculpture closer together.

In conclusion, "geometry of fear" is a dramatic collection designed for contemporary women who value the quality and time invested in their garments. This collection aims to defend the importance of design and the avant-garde with elaborate pattern pieces and excellent materials.