The signature  Amarca  was born in Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife) in 2006 and is made up of designers Sergio López and Itahisa García, attached to the Tenerife Moda collective.
Such is the success achieved in such a short time, that they were also in charge of the costumes worn by the fifty-two candidates in the openning at the 2011 Miss Spain National Contest, and the costume managers who wore at the Miss Spain gala were also the respective winners, Aránzazu Estévez and Judit Guerra.
That same year they also collaborated by dressing the Spanish candidate who chose Miss World 2011, Carla García Barber, remaining in the contest among the ten best designers, who in turn was classified among the first eight finalists. In 2012 they once again participated in the international Miss World 2012 contest, with the Canarian Aránzazu Estévez, where for the second consecutive year they once again ranked among the top ten designers in the contest in the Top Model test.
It is in this same year, when they open their atelier store in the historic center of the Illustrious Villa de La Orotava.
In 2013, they participated in the Miss World Spain pageant, an event held in Puerto de la Cruz on June 29, where they turned out to be the winners to dress the one who will represent Miss Spain in Miss World, the young beauty from Donostia Elena Ibarbia .
In 2014, they once again won the Top Model contest with Constanza Márquez at the Miss World Spain pageant. In that same year, a promotional platform for the Tenerife fashion sector became part of the Tenerife Moda collective.
In 2015, they present the “Belladona” collection at Pasarela Costura España. In addition, they participate in different fairs on the island, such as Feboda and Tenerife Fashion Days.
In the recent year, they have participated in the Tenerife Fashion Fair where they have presented the renewed image of AMARCA.
They present the 2017 collection "Bremusa" at Pasarela Costura España (CIBELES - MADRID). In that same year they also created the first collection for girls, that is why that year the “AMARCA KIDS” project came to light.
In 2017 they became part of the FASHION SPAIN AND MADE IN SPAIN labeling platform, our garments passed the rigorous control of perfect finishes.
Attending such important fairs as Momad metropolis and FIMI, in these fairs increasing points of sale throughout the national territory and this year 2018 our challenge is to increase sales in the International market, presenting the next collection "AMARCA 2019".